• The social media comparison game how to stop it

    The Social Media COMPARISON GAME: How To STOP It

    Scrolling through Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook can leave even the most confident person feeling inadequate. The social media comparison game is all too familiar to most of us. Why isn’t our life as cool as what we see on our social feeds? Why isn’t what we post as interesting or as curated? Learning how to […]


  • how to change your mindset and crush limiting beliefs

    How to Change Your Mindset & CRUSH Limiting Beliefs

    Amongst the thousands of thoughts swirling around in our heads every day, limiting beliefs are the tricky little buggers that can secretly be holding us back from achieving our goals and dreams. “Why would anyone listen to me?” “Does what I have to say really matter?” “I don’t have enough experience to be considered a […]