The key to building your brand on any social media platform is starting with a niche. A niche is something every single creator, blogger, and influencer should think about and determine first. Before you start posting, you have to know who you’re going to be talking to and what you’re going to be posting about, right? Yet figuring out how to find your niche can be the most overwhelming part of the entire social media journey.

What kills most new creators and influencers when they start their blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram, is that they try to appeal to everyone. In doing so, they reach no one.


When people are on a social media platform, they usually browse and search for their specific interests.

The purpose of picking your niche is because you want people to be able to find you. You don’t want to be a tiny fish in the vast social media ocean, but rather a great big fish in a small pond. 

No, you won’t appeal to the masses by having a niche. But you’ll appeal to precisely those you need to. You’ll also be able to be crystal clear with your focus, your message, and your audience.



Truly anything can be a social media niche. These are just a few examples of very broad niches:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Health
  • Home
  • Gaming
  • DIY

While these are perfectly fine niches, in most cases, to be viewed as an expert and to become a dependable resource, you will want to narrow down your niche even more. I’ve seen channels, Instagram accounts, and blogs soar because they simply honed in on a narrowly defined niche and became the go-to person for a particular topic. We’ll talk about this more down below.


how to find your niche


The first step to finding your social media niche is figuring out what your passions are. What brings you joy? What gets you super excited? What could you talk about, learn about, watch, or do for hours? It can be anything! Shopping, travel, baking, frisbee, knitting, origami, etc. Just start writing down everything you love, no matter how silly you think they may be.

Why are you doing this? Because when you’re passionate about something, you can’t get enough of it, right? That motivation is going to keep you going when things get tedious and difficult. Building a brand or business requires a lot of patience. Although social media looks easy and fun, it can be very frustrating and monotonous at times. You need to love what you’re posting about, so you’ll keep wanting to post about it.

When you’re excited about a topic, others feed off that excitement and get excited too! Your enthusiasm will help you grow and connect with others, which is key to being a successful brand or influencer.


Once you’ve made your list, it’s time to narrow it down to just one. What passion on your list gets you the most excited? Which one can you easily and quickly brainstorm 10-20 topics to write or talk about and fit into your life realistically?

What do I mean by “fit into your life”? You may love thrifting but work 8-5, have a 45-minute commute and have kids to tend to on the weekends. Thrifting may not be the best topic for you since your time is limited. You may be a computer whiz but hate answering questions day in and day out about tech. That’s not going to be a great passion for selecting either.

So pick the one passion that fits your lifestyle and that you can see yourself posting or talking about in various ways…for the long haul.

how to find your niche in blogging on youtube


Another way to figure out your niche is to ask yourself why people come to you. Do people come to you for advice on certain topics? Do you get comments or compliments frequently because of something in particular? Do you have extensive experience with something? Have you done something for which people admire you? Do you have a unique talent or skill that you can share?

Maybe you live somewhere noteworthy. You don’t have to be a travel blogger or influencer to make your location be part of your focus. Many city-based accounts showcase exciting features about their city or region. But you can still have opportunities if you don’t live in Chicago or NYC. Perhaps you live in a gorgeous mountainous area or near the coast and can use that to your advantage.


Part of the reason I started The Savvy Social was that friends and family were complimenting and asking me how I “did it all.” I was working full time, managing my household of four, running my beauty YouTube channel and blog, helping others with social media, and staying organized. What seemed normal to me was amazing to loads of other people. I had no idea! That’s when it dawned on me that I could help others grow, learn, be productive, and stay organized. And that’s when side hustle #2, The Savvy Social, was born!

When you have experience or knowledge to share, it gives you credibility. You become a resource for people on a specific topic. Having credibility is how you grow!


Sometimes it helps to ask family and friends what they think makes you stand out. The answers may surprise you.

Selecting your niche in this way is kind of like doing your own personal market research. The answers you get might not match up with your passions. You may want to focus on the qualities others see in you instead.

For example, maybe once you narrowed everything down, you had selected makeup as your niche. But upon reflecting, you realize your friends and family were always asking you fitness and health questions. You may want to rethink your niche or narrow it down further. You may shine as a health influencer that focuses on beauty from within.

All of those compliments and questions you’ve received from others over the years often go overlooked. Yet they’re excellent indicators that you have something to share with others. So pay attention to those signs!


So you’ve found your passion or unique quality. Now we want to get really specific with that passion.

Let’s say your number one passion is makeup. But there are loads of makeup channels and blogs out there. So how do you stand out? How will you be different enough that you become someone’s go-to resource? What kind of makeup platform will you be? Will you focus on affordable makeup? Cruelty-free affordable makeup? See where I’m going here? You need to narrow down even further. Remember, for you to grow, people have to find you in the enormous social media sea. 

how to find a youtube niche


Now that you’ve figured out your focus and narrowed it down, do you know who you’re speaking or writing to? Hint: the answer isn’t everybody.

To be successful and bring actual value, you MUST identify your target audience or persona. Who are you talking to?

For example, I don’t create my beauty content directed towards professional makeup artists. Every single time I create a piece of beauty content, I’m thinking of the everyday, busy woman who simply wants to make better buying decisions or wants an easy, realistic way of doing her makeup. And I think, “how can I help her today?”


stephanie marie youtube

From the moment I first started wearing makeup, I loved it. But I never wore a lot of it. I just always experimented with how to make my features look better. I was the go-to person for my friends and family when they had questions. When I first moved to New Orleans after college, I would spend hours at Saks checking out the latest from the high-end brands.

After battling adult acne in my mid-twenties, I became equally as enthusiastic about skincare. So I guess you could say that beauty products have been at the center of my life for most of my life. They bring me joy.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that I took a chance and started sharing what I’d learned with others. I was prompted by my daughter, who was watching YouTube beauty videos, and said, “Mom, you should do this. People always come to you with questions and for advice.” At first, I thought she was nuts!

But then, I started seeing that there were very few channels out there for women like me, women in their 40’s who had different skincare and makeup needs than women in their 20’s. And I realized that if I didn’t try, I’d never know what would happen. Since starting Stephanie Marie Beauty my mission statement has always been:

Everyday beauty…made easy.

And my goal was to help women make better buying decisions and look and feel their best.

About a year and a half into Stephanie Marie Beauty, I found that giving other women advice and helping them understand how to grow their YouTube channels and social media platforms brought me just as much joy. And that’s how my Strive To Thrive Facebook group was born (and later, The Savvy Social.)

My goal has, as a result, broadened. My current mission is to help women make better buying decisions, look and feel their best, and reach their beauty or social media goals.

So while I’ve expanded into other niches, I’m still targeted and focused.


Do you already have a niche? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. If you don’t have one, did this help you narrow down your focus? If you need some help, I’m here for you or come visit us over in the Facebook group, where you can find all kinds of support!