Goal setting seems to be this “must do” thing we’re told we have to do in order to succeed. Yet how many times have you set goals that truly excited you…only to become increasingly discouraged as the journey to achieving these goals seemed further and further away? So what usually happens?

You abandon the goal right? Right. I’ve been there too.

We all have. So let’s talk about how to set goals and achieve them.

how to set goals and achieve them

This post will help you set achievable goals and answer the questions: What types of goals should we be setting? What does goal setting really mean? What steps should we take to reach the goals we set?

This year, I’ve found that by being extremely realistic and specific with what I need to be doing and when I need to be doing it, my goals are being checked off one by one. This strategy works for me and it can work for you too.


I’m all about manifesting great things and dreaming big. But I’ve learned that setting realistic goals in realistic stages is extremely important for success. This first step involves taking a hard look at where you currently are in order to see where you can realistically be once you reach your goal.

The goal of goal setting is to achieve that goal, right? So let’s make your goals reachable!

Example 1:

A goal I see many content creators and influencers set is the transition to leaving their day job and moving to full-time status. But if you just started social media in July with your goal to be full-time by next July,  you’re probably going to be pretty darned discouraged.

There are far too many variables that come into play with social media for that to be a realistic and attainable goal. You’ll not only feel discouraged but will probably also feel incredibly demotivated with content creation. Feelings of failure will set in and you may even give up altogether.

Your original goal didn’t set you up for success.

Example 2:

On the money side of things, let’s say you make $30,000 a year. Setting your revenue goal for next year to hit $500,000 would be a bit of a stretch. I mean it would be completely awesome if it happened! But let’s think more reachable than that.

Setting your goal to be somewhere closer to $45,000 would be an increase of 40-50%. Doesn’t that seem more attainable and still like an incredible achievement?! You could easily track your success monthly and see your success (instead of discouragement) which will encourage you to set a similar goal (or a bigger goal if you made more profit) the following year.

Realistic Goal Setting Benefits

You’re more likely to reach your goals if you set realistic, attainable goals based on your current situation. You’ll consistently experience feelings of success and empowerment and will be motivated to move forward toward your goal instead of abandoning it.

how to set goals and achieve them


If your goals aren’t specific, there really is no point. You need to have laser focus on a clear cut goal in order to take the necessary steps to reach it.

Simply saying that you will you will make more money next year or reach out to more brands is fine. But how are you measuring your success and your achievements? What steps are you taking to increase revenue and to reach out to more brands? Specifically how do you plan to do these things? By what date to you want to have reached these goals?

Saying you want to increase revenue by 40% by Dec 31, 2020 or reach out to 50 brands by Dec 31, 2020 is a lot more specific right? It also lays the groundwork for you to put action plans in place to make sure these things happen.


I see people set goals that seem to make sense. But in reality, the goals they set are totally out of their own control. What ends up happening? They fail to reach their goals and wind up completely discouraged and feel they failed. It’s such a shame when the sole reason why they failed at achieving these goals is through no fault of their own.

The goals they set were never achievable in the first place!

Don’t Put Your Goal Success in Someone Else’s Hands

How many times have you or someone you know set a specific, realistic goal of reaching X amount of followers or subscribers by a certain date or closing a certain amount of brand sponsorships within a certain amount of time?

Do you see where I’m going here? While the goals are specific, the issue is that you have external players completely in control of the goals you set. There is simply no way to predict what the budget of brands will be and how you will fit into that or what YouTube or Instagram will be doing with their algorithms throughout the year.

Setting goals that you can control is the only way to truly achieve your goals and feel successful consistently. When you improve what you can control, other achievements like follower growth and engagement growth will naturally fall into place. Some examples of controllable goals include:

  • Instagram: By Dec 31 2020, complete 200 posts and 60 videos in my feed and be in stories 300 days
  • YouTube: 110 videos completed by Dec 31, 2020
  • Made contact with 100 brands by Dec 31, 2020
  • 52 Blog Posts by Dec 31, 2020

While these are only a few examples of controllable goals, you can see that you are in control of what you do as well as the actions you’ll take to achieve those goals. This brings me to Step 4…

how to set goals and achieve them


Reverse engineering has always come naturally to me so I thought everyone did it. It turns out, it’s not a natural instinct for everyone. Gary Vee talks about it (which makes me feel super validated by the way) so you know it’s a solid strategy!

To lay out your action steps, you basically work backwards from the goals you set.

Let’s look at a couple of examples taken from above:

Example 1:

If you want to increase your $30,000 per year salary by 40% by Dec 31, 2020, this means to reach your goal of earning $42,000, you need to earn an extra $12,000 per year/$1,000 per month/$231 per week. Breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it seem more doable and can help you visualize steps to make it possible.

Can your current business or side hustle do this either with more hours, extra clients, more sponsorships, putting more time into affiliate marketing, creating extra content, varying your content, adding revenue streams, etc? The more diverse your revenue streams are, the easier it is for you to achieve your monetary goals because you can increase each income stream by small amounts and see bigger gains.

For myself personally, I’ve seen significant income gains that far surpassed my revenue goals by simply increasing my blog posts from once per month to twice a month and then once a week. If you add that with extra affiliate links, taking on more clients and working with more brands, you’ve got a winning combination. It’s important to brainstorm different ways to reach your ultimate goal.

Example 2:

Looking at the Instagram goal above of completing 200 posts, 60 videos and being present in stories 300 days during the year seems pretty daunting at first glance doesn’t it? But when you reverse engineer it, you realize that 200 posts is basically 3-4 posts per week. 60 videos is slightly more than once a week. Being in stories 300 days out of the year is popping in six days a week.

Being active on Instagram almost daily is what it takes to succeed and grow on the platform. You can’t expect to grow your following and increase engagement if you don’t do what it takes. If you add another step…engaging in other accounts 30 minutes per day twice a week…you will amplify your efforts even more! So instead of being discouraged at setting an unattainable number to achieve, you can control what you do to increase your engagement and your following.

It’s YOUR Turn!

Those are just some examples. Now it’s time to set your own controllable, specific, realistic goals and the steps you’ll take to achieve them!

Start off with brainstorming. You can do this on paper or online. I love using Google Docs to brain dump everything there. This way, I don’t have to worry about losing paper or not having my list with me if I want to refer to it. I can access it from my computer or my phone.

If you need some help, I’m here for you or come visit us over in the Facebook group where you can find all kinds of support!

Do you have a goal setting method? I’d love to hear about i!