I started my business with the mission to give others the knowledge I wish I’d had when I first started, along with the tools and resources that I use to continue my growth.

Starting or running a business can be expensive. Many of these products are free or offer free trials.  I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as I do! These are tools and resources I use in my own businesses and highly recommend to others. I truly believe in these products and want to share them with you. 

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YouTube Channel Checklist

Set your channel up for success with my free YouTube checklist!

Instagram Dos and Don'ts

These quick Instagram tips will set you up for growth!

Finding Your Niche

This guide can help you figure out who you want to target so you have greater growth and higher engagement!



Erin Condren Planner

I live and die by my Erin Condren Planner. I switched to it in 2018 and now I'm not sure how I lived without it. It allows me to keep track of my personal tasks and appointments, family appointments, my day job, my influencer tasks as well as my social media tasks. It does all that plus gives me freedom to plan out goals and ideas. I'm able to juggle my crazy multi-tasking life with ease!


Trello is how I organize and plan my social media and facebook page content. I keep ideas, lists and plans on Trello. It helps keep me sane!

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is an app I've had on my phone for years. It's basically a filing system for your life. I use it multiple times a day and can't live without it!


KAJABI is for those of you who want a business website that has everything for you from marketing tools, sales funnels, email lists, templates and creation solutions. This help you run you online business smoothly so you can create content and do what you love.


CANVA is my main image design and thumbnail creation go-to. I create most graphics here. It's great and it's free!

Pic Monkey

Picmonkey is one of the tools I use to create thumbnails and edit my photos. They have templates and tools to make things easy.


Siteground is the service I use for my domain and web hosting for Stephanie Marie Blogs. It's reasonably priced, safe, and supports WordPress sites.


TubeBuddy is one of the most important tools I use when researching keywords for my tags, titles and descriptions!



When I upgraded from my iphone, I went with an Canon 80D because I know it would last and give me great quality. It produces beautiful photos and video and is easy for anyone to use.

Canon Kit

This is another Canon 80D option that comes with everything you need to start filming.

AC Power Kit

AC Power adapter kit I use for my Canon 80D so that I NEVER have to worry about my battery dying on my while I'm filming. It fits right where the battery goes, plugs into and outlet and I'm good to go!


This is a great, inexpensive mic option if you're in need of or want to use a lav mic when filming your videos.

Ring Light

I've been super happy with this ring light and my windows as the light source for my videos and photos.


This compact tripod sits on my table, vanity or desk so that I can film and not have to mess with a big bulky tripod. It's very sturdy and durable.


I've often been asked what laptop I use. This is it. I didn't feel the need for the bigger 15" but love the portability and capabilities this guy has!

Hard Drive

I'm on my second LaCie hard drive now and cannot live without it! When you deal with video, your compute fills up fast. Having a reliable hard drive on hand is a must to store and dump files on a regular basis. I love that this one has a rubber bumper around it to increase durability because I carry mine around with me almost as much as my laptop!