As a new or small influencer or content creator, working with brands and the whole influencer brand collaboration thing can seem very overwhelming.

How do you even start the process?

  • Should you wait for them to reach out to you?
  • Should you reach out to them?
  • If you do reach out, what should you include in your brand pitch?
  • Will they even want to work with you if you’re not a big player?
  • When should you reach out to start working with brands?

There is no clear cut answer here as there are many variables. I’ve seen loads of small creators and influencers have very successful brand partnerships.

One thing is certain. Whether you’re a blogger or a YouTuber, you need to know your value.  It doesn’t matter if you’re reaching out to a brand or if they’re asking you for your media kit, you should be prepared and know your worth.

If you have quality content, high audience engagement and a clear vision, start reaching out to brands! A niche channel or platform with high audience engagement can go a long way with the right brand!

An influencer's guide: how to start working with brands

As an influencer and marketer, I’ve seen both sides of the coin when it comes to collaborations and negotiations. I’ve also talked with numerous public relations and influencer contacts to see what floats their boats (and what doesn’t). Here are some tips to help you start working with brands…the right way.


It depends. I know, super helpful right?! It turns out that while your media kit may be looked at, often times, the person receiving your email is just too busy to open any attachments.

So it’s best to include the most relevant information from your media kit directly into the body of your email.

an influencer's guide to working with brands


Never ever ever mention your rates in your initial email or your first reply to a brand…even if they ask. You lose any negotiating power and leave a lot of money on the table by stating your rates up front.


Keep the subject specific and catchy yet short. Examples:

  • Collaboration Inquiry – 100,000+ YouTube Subscribers
  • Holiday Gift Guide Collaboration – Over 40 Beauty with 10% engagement rate
  • Influencer Relations Inquiry – Microinfluencer with 15% growth rate


Before I get started, you should know that the person reading your email is busy. It’s important to include relevant information while being concise. So edit your email and then edit it again. Try to get your email down to three easily scannable paragraphs.


1. In a clear, concise way, let them know why you’re reaching out to them & (if it’s relevant) something specific you love about their brand or their products.


2. Tell what your platforms/blog/youtube channel/instagram (or whatever main platform you’re pitching) is about and….
3. …why/how you think the brand fits in with you and your brand/audience perfectly.
4. Include relevant social media stats. Want specifics on these? Let me know in the comments. I’ll do a future post on it!
5. I also like to include links to videos or posts where I’ve mentioned their brand or products in the past. So they can see my style and demeanor, I also try to link successful past brand collaborations.


6. Summarize, say thank you and let them know you can’t wait to hear from them soon!


Hi Jane,

I’ve been wearing JaneJewels for over a year now and sharing your beautiful pieces with my audience on a regular basis. I especially love your double knot pendant necklace which is one of my everyday staples. My YouTube audience also loves your products and asks about them frequently.

My YouTube Channel, Steph’s Stuff, and other social media platforms (linked in my signature below) provide attainable, real-world beauty and lifestyle advice for women who want to look and feel good about themselves. I have a YouTube audience of over x subscribers ranging from 25-54 on my channel, which has grown at a fast pace during its 6 months from x to xx each month. My channel has x total views with an average of x views per video. 

With the holidays coming up, I’d love to support your brand by sharing some of your pieces with my audience in a holiday gift guide and perhaps in an Instagram post as well. I’ve included links to videos where I’ve mentioned your brand as well as past holiday gift guides below for reference.

Would this be helpful? Let me know how I can support you and if you need further information or stats from me.  I would love to discuss a collaboration that would be beneficial for both of us. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you!


Have more questions about brand collaborations? Let me know and I’ll address them!